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Pattern Trend: People on Paper!

Pattern Trend: People on Wallpaper! 

From scribbled faces to illustrated characters and Victorian women to downhill skiers- this is one fun trend.

Take a look at these picks for some of the most exciting patterns involving people..


Budgeting Wallpaper

So.. You ‘ve fallen in love with a wallpaper that is triple your budget..

Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there, trust me.

The wallpaper texture that is hand manipulated by traditional craftsman in Nepal using wooden sticks, the wallpaper that is covered in crystal-like beads, the wallpaper that is block printed by hand, using William Morris’ original blocks….

Meet Jill Malek!

The more we work with our independent studios, the more we love getting to know them. And from all the feedback we have gotten from our “Meet” posts, we know you do too! 

This time we are bring you a backstage pass into the Jill Malek brand. I am thrilled to share our interview with the lovely Jill Malek herself!


Urban Source Around Town..(Part One)

Every time we work on updating our website, we are reminded of all the wonderful clients we have worked with and all the exciting applications of our projects that are out there living in the world.

Playing with Pillows

We love pillows!

Playing with pillows is always a great way to enhance the design of your space.

Lets talk about why…

Meet Kova!

    It is time for another segment of:  Meet this indie studio! This is personally my favorite type of post and I couldn’t be happier to bring you my most recent conversation with the next independent studio: Kova Textiles.

The New Face of Wallpaper

The geometric, the trellis, the floral…Don’t get us wrong… These are all classic options for making a statement  in your space. (Ones that we really love.)

But check out these truly unique patterns that are expanding the possibilities of wallpaper...

Custom Color

Did you know that several of our wallpaper and fabric lines are available in custom colors? 

Mix it up! (Reupholstery Transformations)

Recovering an old piece of furniture is always a welcomed update.

But by taking a few extra steps in the design process you can really transform ordinary furniture into statement pieces.

Mixing patterns, coordinating pillows and cushions, painting the wood, and adding decorative studs and trim are all ways to customize for high style.

Green Summer

Summer is here.  Let’s celebrate the blossoming greenery by thinking green!
Urban Source is ushering in the Summer season with a new window display featuring some our favorite environmentally conscious products from our indie studios. Come check it out!