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Velvet Furniture Trend

We are completely loving the velvet furniture trend. Furniture pieces upholstered in velvet adds a sophisticated whimsy and sense of luxury to interiors! Even in the summer months, velvet fabrics can feel fresh and in season when mixed with bright florals and breezy sheers.

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Environmentally Friendly Fabrics [GUIDE]

Our upholstery fabrics have been identified with the following classifications. Look for the hanging tag with the two or three letter abbreviation. Green Guard Certified: Textiles that do not omit harmful chemical and particle emissions to help aid in the reduction of...

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Fresh Office Ideas

This is a scheme for an office space. We wanted the vibe of the room to be fresh and contemporary with an injection of unique patterns. We put together this office scheme featuring Aimee Wilder's Cosmic Splash wallpaper as a focal point for the room. We then added the...

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Wallpaper vs. Wallcoverings

Vinyl Wallcovering Designed for heavy duty commercial applications such as bars and restaurants, lobbies, and corridors. The majority of the composition is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin while plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments, and additives are added to enhance the...

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Mixing Textures

Winter 2016/17 trends are all about mixing textures to create a dynamic interior. In this scheme we focused on mixing rich velvets and metallic fabrics with natural elements, such as wood, leather, and (faux) fur. We wanted to take a fresh approach to contemporary...

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Fabric Care

Regular Maintenance It is important to vacuum upholstery regularly to remove the surface dust that builds up and slowly contributes to a graying effect that diminishes the clarity of the original color. Please note that vacuuming should be done with the proper...

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Fall Decor

Fall is here. As the seasons change outside, it is the perfect time to also refresh your interior space. Switching out things like pillows, artwork, or adding a throw is a great way to make your home feel updated when heading into the fall and winter months. For more...

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Fall Wallpaper Picks

This fall we are loving metallics in our wallpapers. Warm golds, bronze tones, and rich coppers are among our favorites we have been seeing in a variety of patterns. We have selected our favorites of the season for your browsing pleasure... The real star of the show...

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Meet Kimberly Lewis!

Kimberly Lewis Home has been a staple in our showroom for years. We couldn’t imagine our selection of wallpapers without her upbeat patterns and bright colors. Kimberly Lewis We aren’t the only ones who have taken notice of this NYC based designer. Shortly after...

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New at Tempaper

Herringbone in Ash Arguably one of the most exciting updates to happen to wallpaper in the last 20 years is temporary wallpaper. Thanks to the self adhesive backing, renters and clients who love redecorating often can now enjoy embellished walls as much as the...

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Fabric Care and Maintenance
Enviornmentally Friendly Fabrics
Wallpaper vs. Wallcovering