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the design studio

The Chicago Store

Urban Source is a walk-in design studio–but with a twist.

We feature an exciting, extensive and ever-changing collection of contemporary fabrics and wallpapers. Or, as one of our customers described us…. “a candy store for your home”.

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest new products, so we source from around the world. That means you’ll find wallpapers and fabrics from independent designers here that you won’t see anywhere else.

designed to make decorating a an experience you’ll remember, not regret

We are a retail showroom, dedicated to making sure we solve your design problems.

Our studio is bright, sleek, inviting and neatly arranged so you can browse easily to find what you like. The hard part is choosing from our extensive selection. Our samples are not in books, we encourage you to mix and match.

We tell our customers that this is where you can unleash your creativity. We think you should participate in customizing your home interior. After all, it is YOUR personal space.

how we work

After you’ve made your selections, you can purchase fabrics by the yard if you are DIY motivated (or handy with a needle and thread). Or you can order finished products....think “urban inspired” window treatments, shades, custom shower curtains, pillows or bedding. We also offer re-upholstery services to give your sofa or favorite chair a dramatic makeover. And throughout this process, we guide you on the most creative solutions and appropriate details for your product. In short, we manage your project and offer the most attentive customer service around.

That said, when you need some guidance…like deciding whether to mix a big bold print fabric with a funky geometric wallpaper….our talented, creative, and friendly interior designers are here to help.

And if you’re super busy or simply feel you need a second opinion on choosing your own materials, we offer fee-based design consultations.