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The Best of Cut Velvets

We love cut velvets for their ability to add richness and warmth to the space they inhabit. Velvets are a classic textile that have been loved throughout history. But this textile also has a surprising ability to be transformed to stay up to date with current design trends.

We’ve decided to feature our favorite cut velvets textures of the season.



We have very exciting news here at Urban Source. We are introducing a new indie studio- Prillamena!

Warhol Wallpaper


Wallpaper and fabric designers always have one foot in the design world and the other in the art world. Taking cues from fine art keeps repeat patterns fresh and thrilling.


Meet Studio Printworks!


Meet the newest member of our Indie studio family: Studio Printworks.



Summer Picks!

We’ve made it! Summer is finally here.


To celebrate- here are Urban Source’s product picks for summer:

-Notoriously bright and poppy, is indie studio Aimee Wilder. We love their  ‘Popfloral’ wallpaper pattern. 

Playing with Pillows

We love pillows!

Playing with pillows is always a great way to enhance the design of your space.

Lets talk about why…

The New Face of Wallpaper

The geometric, the trellis, the floral…Don’t get us wrong… These are all classic options for making a statement  in your space. (Ones that we really love.)

But check out these truly unique patterns that are expanding the possibilities of wallpaper...

Custom Color

Did you know that several of our wallpaper and fabric lines are available in custom colors? 

Meet Aronel!

Each independent studio has a story as unique as their aesthetics. While working with our indie studios, we form close relationships with the designers. Often, we get a “backstage” look into the inner workings of these studios.  I wanted to take the opportunity of our new blog to share a more in depth view of our indie studios!