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Jill Malek

Fall Wallpaper Picks

This fall we are loving metallics in our wallpapers. Warm golds, bronze tones, and rich coppers are among our favorites we have been seeing in a variety of patterns. We have selected our favorites of the season for your browsing pleasure...


Inspiration Boards

Being a designer is not just about the end result. It is also about the journey of creating along the way.


So much life, energy, and passion exists in the studio. We wanted to take a minute to celebrate their creativity by sharing some inspiration boards! We asked some of our favorite indie studios to share images of arrangements they put together during their design process…

Meet Jill Malek!

The more we work with our independent studios, the more we love getting to know them. And from all the feedback we have gotten from our “Meet” posts, we know you do too! 

This time we are bring you a backstage pass into the Jill Malek brand. I am thrilled to share our interview with the lovely Jill Malek herself!