New at Tempaper

Herringbone in Ash

Arguably one of the most exciting updates to happen to wallpaper in the last 20 years is temporary wallpaper. Thanks to the self adhesive backing, renters and clients who love redecorating often can now enjoy embellished walls as much as the steadfast homeowner. Leading this revolution is none other than our indie studio: Tempaper.

We have watched our showroom clients rejoice over this decal-like product since we first started carrying their patterns. At first no one could believe the virtually EFFORTLESS de-installation process (which resembles more of the ease of peeling a banana than the hours of peeling and scraping traditionally glued wallpaper).

Over the past few years we have watched this company grow from their first capsule collection to a well-known force brand and a force to be reckoned with.

We have been particularly excited to see their fresh take on word grains, alternative to grass clothes, and their brand new metallic floral patterns.

Here is a sample of what is new at Tempaper:

To find out more about these or any other Tempaper patterns, colorways, or to request a sample; give us a call at 312.455.0505