Kimberly Lewis Home has been a staple in our showroom for years. We couldn’t imagine our selection of wallpapers without her upbeat patterns and bright colors.

Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis

We aren’t the only ones who have taken notice of this NYC based designer. Shortly after releasing her first collection in 2011 she was named one of the “8 Brooklyn Wallpaper Designers to Watch” by Apartment Therapy. Her acclaim didn’t stop there, in 2013 four of Kimberly’s wallpapers were selected by the Brooklyn Museum for their decorative arts permanent collection.

Sierra Wallpaper

Sierra Wallpaper

Recently she has release a new collection of wallpapers that we are currently featuring while Kimberly Lewis Home is our July Studio of the Month. Her new patterns update classic motifs with interesting line quality and her signature “preppy” colors schemes.

Chicago Showroom Wallpaper

We recommend coming to our Chicago showroom to see these beautiful wallpapers in person. Until then, you can learn more by reading our interview with Kimberly below.

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Our Interview with Kimberly Lewis

Urban Source: What is your design process?

Kimberly Lewis: Depending on the print I will either start drawing by hand or directly on the computer. I couldn’t survive without my Wacom tablet. It really speeds up the process for me to start working digitally from the beginning since all my files have to end up digitized. I normally work this way. This often surprises people but it’s my preferred workflow! I usually design a lot of patterns but most don’t end up making the final cut.

After I have my artwork finalized and have decided on colors I send my files to my manufacturer. A few weeks later a test print comes back that is called a strike off. At this point, I make sure the scale and colors are to my liking or I tweak them until they are. Once everything is approved my manufacturer will run the first rolls and I’m off and ready!

Kimberly Drawing

Kimberly drawing her Flaneur wallpaper pattern

Flaneur Wallpaper

Flaneur wallpaper being made

Flaneur Wallpaper Design

The final Flaneur wallpaper product!

US: Where do you find inspiration for your patterns?

KL: Each of my patterns have their own stories. I love to create a story in my head of where the wallpaper will live and then design the pattern with that in mind. My “Flamingo Dance” wallpaper I designed with a chic Miami hotel in mind. My wallpaper “Beverley” was inspired by a dress I found at a flea market in New England and wanted something with a colorful vintage feel.

Flamingo Dance Wallpaper

Flamingo Dance Wallpaper

Beverly Wallpaper

Beverly Wallpaper

US: We love that! It must be nice being your own boss and being able to run with the different inspirations you find. What else do you find most rewarding about running your own line?

KL: I love helping people create a beautiful home that they love–that is my greatest joy!

US: You seem to use a lot of greens and yellows in your patterns- bright colors! Can you tell us about what draws you to your upbeat color pallet?

KL: I live and breathe color and always have. My closet and home are filled to the brim with color and pattern. Surrounding myself in color and items that bring me joy really brightens up my day to day. You will rarely find me dressed head to toe in black (although that is often the uniform of us New Yorkers)!

Knotted Wallpaper

Installation image of Knotted wallpaper, photo curtsy of @sallystaubdesign

US: What else would you like our clients to know about your brand?

KL: I do a lot of custom design for clients. If you’d like to see one of our patterns in a smaller scale or a different color I can make it happen! I also work with a lot of clients to design and develop patterns for different products from fashion, to beauty, to you name it!

Kimberly KNotted Wallpaper

Kimberly with Knotted wallpaper

US: What is next for you and Kimberly Lewis Home? Tell us about your upcoming projects.

KL: I would love to dip my toes into licensing my patterns which is something that has been on my mind for a while. I am also working on a new product but at the moment my lips are sealed as its still in the prototype phase. Definitely be on the lookout on Instagram (@KimberlyLewisNYC) for sneak peeks coming up in the next few months!

Set Sail Wallpaper

Installation image of Set Sail wallpaper

We loved being able to talk more with Kimberly Lewis about her designs. She is just as bright and wonderful as her designs. Thanks Kimberly!