Our upholstery fabrics have been identified with the following classifications. Look for the hanging tag with the two or three letter abbreviation.

Green Guard CertifiedGreen Guard Certified: Textiles that do not omit harmful chemical and particle emissions to help aid in the reduction of indoor air pollution. Tested and certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute, an independent industry organization committed to the health and safety of people and their environment.

Recycled ContentRecycled Content: Textiles that contains 30% or more post consumer and/or industrial recycled materials. This category also includes textiles made from Terratex brand fibers which are fibers made from 100% post consumer and/or post industrial recycled polyester fibers.

Reduced Environmental ImpactReduced Environmental Impact: Improved environmental manufacturing process that use “heavy metal free dyes with high exhaustion rates,” and/or reduced water and energy consumption.

Natural Fiber ContentNatural Fiber Content: Textiles made from a minimum of 30% animal and/or plant fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc. These textiles are considered to be rapidly renewable products made from materials that are cultivated and restored back into the environment without depleting its resource.