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Meet Aronel!

Each independent studio has a story as unique as their aesthetics. While working with our indie studios, we form close relationships with the designers. Often, we get a “backstage” look into the inner workings of these studios.  I wanted to take the opportunity of our new blog to share a more in depth view of our indie studios!

Product Spotlight: Elitis Wall Coverings

Often, the books in the Urban Source showroom get overlooked. To be fair, we know that our walls full of wallpaper is a pattern lover’s wonderland.

Sections and Surfaces

In the front of our showroom we have two separate spaces that are constantly changing.

Greeting all our clients that come through our door is the "What's New, What's Now" Section. This is where we feature new products. Everything that we carry in the showroom we have carefully curated to bring you only the most interesting and on trend patterns and products.

The Urban Source Blog Begins!

Urban Source
Inside the Urban Source showroom

Welcome to the launch of the Urban Source Blog!

Urban Source has been cultivating an environment of style and design over on Chicago Avenue for almost 7 years! Overflowing with innovative new products including our ever growing selection from the world’s coolest independent wallpaper and textile studios, there is always something to discover when you walk through our doors. From the interesting textures, popping prints, and sweeping sheers, we love that each day brings infinite possibilities for what we can do with design.