The geometric, the trellis, the floral…Don’t get us wrong… These are all classic options for making a statement in your space. (Ones that we really love.)

But check out these truly unique patterns that are expanding the possibilities of wallpaper…

1. Splash! by: Dupenny. Why we love it: Wallpaper with a retro flare doesn’t always mean traditional florals. The designers of Dupenny take novel concepts (like these synchronized swimmers) and turn them into beautifully intricate designs.

Splash by Dupenny

Splash by Dupenny

2. Ode to the Unhasty, by: Grow House Grow. Why we love it: The subject matter really makes this pattern shine. Grow house Grow writes a story for each of their patterns. This method often results in thoughtfully quirky subject matter that is both interesting and playful.

Ode to the Unhasty, by: Grow House Grow

3. Burst, by: Makelike. Why we love it: The Illustrative line quality of this pattern blurs the boundaries between art and design. The design is kept simple by using one color per colorway but extra dimension is added by the tonal range of each ring.

Burst, by: Makelike

Burst, by: Makelike

4. I See You, by: Cavern. Why we love it: This wallpaper makes your walls interactive! The pattern is a template to draw on and transforms how you engage with your space.

I See You, by: Cavern

5. Dia De DUMBO, by: Flavor Paper. Why we love it: Toile has turned rebellious! Flavor Paper shines at taking traditional pattern structures and subverting them with edgy, fun subject matter.

Dia De DUMBO, by: Flavor Paper

If you are interested in any of these patterns for your space, come talk to us!