Pattern Trend: People on Wallpaper!

From scribbled faces to illustrated characters and Victorian women to downhill skiers- this is one fun trend.

Take a look at these picks for some of the most exciting patterns involving people..

Barcelona based wallpaper studio Tres Tintas leads the pack with two patterns that have only grown in popularity since their release a couple years ago.

-Pattern: Caras Tres, The Picasso-eque renderings of collaged faces holds top ranks when it comes to popular wallpaper patterns here at Urban Source.

Caras Tres

-From the same collection comes: Mil Caras. These scribbled faces have a similar feel as the previous pattern, but appeal to more playful projects

Mil Caras

-Cole and Son’s new collection Fornesetti II features some stylized designs, perfect if you are searching for some upscale whimsy.

Pattern Teatro:

Pattern Teatro

Pattern: Multiplette:

Pattern: Multiplette

-And then, of course, there is Flavor Paper. With their signature style of subverting classic pattern structures; they have taken the toile style and added in cheeky narrative scenes.

Pattern: Brooklyn Toile

Pattern:  Brooklyn Toile

Pattern: Chinatown Toile

Pattern: Chinatown Toile

-Dupenny is one Wallpaper studio whose primary design direction focuses on using characters. In the past we have featured their patterns of burlesque dancers and synchronized swimmers. Take a look at one of their other playful patterns of downhill skiers

Pattern Winter Sports:

Pattern Winter Sports

-Let’s get a little more unusual! Check out Grow House Grow’s pattern Ms. Ward. Designed after historical figure Mary Ward, this pattern is as arresting as it is bazaar

Pattern Ms. Ward:

Pattern Ms. Ward:

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