Did you know that several of our wallpaper and fabric lines are available in custom colors? This is just one more way we like to make design fresh and interactive!

Custom colored wallpaper and textiles are perfect for things like:

-Company projects where the décor needs to match the corporate colors

-You are redesigning around a piece of furniture, artwork, rug, or any other elements with a specific color pallet

-You desire a unique color combination (that may not actually exist in a prefabricated wallpaper or textile)

-You are looking to make a statement with products that are truly one of a kind.

Custom color is offered through some of our independent studios. This is possible because small design studios typically utilize a more hands-on approach in their ordering process. They often print to order, which makes customizing a lot easier to handle than with a larger company. This opens an opportunity for designers -like us- to put together fresh and unique color ways. And now we would like to officially extend this service to our clients.

The process varies depending on which pattern you customize. The first step is always sitting down with one of the designers here at Urban Source to talk about your project. After the pattern and colors are chosen, the printing process begins. We will provide you with a sample and once you approve the sample your wallpaper or fabric will go into production.

Some of the studios who offer customization: Signature prints, Kreme, Flavor Paper, and Aronel. This means that any of the patterns from these studios can be altered.

Each studio’s process is a little different, with varying lead times, upcharges and roll/yardage minimums. This is all information we will provide once you hone in on a pattern/design.

For a full list of studios who offer this service and their specifications – stop in our showroom.

Check out these studios where your vision will come to life–

Flavor Paper’s screenprinting studio and pigment mixing room:

Custom Color - Urban Source Chicago

[Pigment mixing at Flavor Paper]

Signature Prints’ screenprinting studios and pigment station:

Custom Color - Urban Source Chicago

[Signature Prints studio]

Custom Color - Urban Source Chicago

[Signature prints- Screenprinting]

If you are thinking about utilizing the custom color process but feel overwhelmed or need help choosing the right combination, don’t worry! We offer special design services for this process.

Custom Color - Urban Source Chicago

[Urban Source Custom color]

Custom Color - Urban Source Chicago

[Urban Source Custom Color process]

We believe that the products you use in your home should be as special and unique as the people in it! This is why we are so proud to introduce this capability to you!

(Photo Credit- for Signature Prints images: LeeAnn Yare)