So.. You ‘ve fallen in love with a wallpaper that is triple your budget..

Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there, trust me.

The wallpaper texture that is hand manipulated by traditional craftsman in Nepal using wooden sticks, the wallpaper that is covered in crystal-like beads, the wallpaper that is block printed by hand, using William Morris’ original blocks….

Yes, yes we have been there.

This is why we want to bring you some ideas for how to actually use these papers in some cool ways, without breaking the bank.

Lets look at some examples..

If the paper you love is for the bedroom

Try using it to frame out your bed.

You can create headboard shapes using trim (you can get at home depot) and hanging the wallpaper on the inside of the trim.

Japanese Floral Bedroom Rendering Japanese Floral Bedroom Rendering

Try hanging drops of paper from ceiling to floor to frame your bed. This can either be done asymmetrically or evenly around your bed

Eskayel Outpost Bedroom Rendering

If the paper you love is for a living area

Try using the paper as a framing device to highlight focal points in the room. For example, you can block out areas around or above a fireplace

Daydream Fireplace Rendering

If you have molding on your walls

Try wallpapering inside the molding. For added interest, you can pair the wallpaper with a second paint color for added dimension

Daydream Panels Rendering

If you want the effect of an accent wall

Try making the wallpaper pattern into a stripe on the wall. This way you get an added design element, while needing less paper!

DuPenny English Garden Rendering

Design shouldn’t have to suffer because you have a budget. Your budget can actually be a creative challenge to use these wallpapers in a unique way!

Come talk to us for more problem-solving ideas!