Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Urban Source? We decided to shadow Jenny Rossignuolo (our Co-Founder & Owner, and Interior Designer) for the day to see what her life is really like!

Jenny with Chairs

Jenny at the Chairs for Charity event

Each week brings new and exciting challenges. Her days are filled with a plethora of design projects, client meetings, and curating the loads of exciting new products that fill our showroom.

6:30 – The alarm goes off! Time to roll out of bed and get ready for the day, which includes an early morning work-out at her local gym.

8:00 – 9:15 – Jenny arrives home to cook a healthy breakfast for her and her dogs Albie and Prince, then she showers and heads off to work.

9:30 – Work begins with checking emails. Urban Source just received a custom drapery order the day before, so Jenny and Elizabeth (an Urban Source showroom designer) spend time checking the hardware to make sure all parts and pieces arrived and look good. Then they measure the drapery length to make sure everything is perfect before scheduling the installation.

Checking Drapery Hardware

10:30 – Jenny puts the finishing touches on a design project for a presentation this afternoon. She is currently working on several commercial projects for the same client, which includes redesigning the common areas for two residential apartment buildings in Chicago.

Working on Design Project

12:15 – Jenny then switches gears and heads over to our millwork contractor to check on a custom order that is being installed tomorrow. Looking good!

Millwork Shop

1:00 – Now it’s time to stop in at our upholsterer’s to drop off fabric and discuss the pattern layout (how the fabric will be positioned on a piece of furniture).

Review Fabric Patterns

1:30 – A quick stop at home for a bite to eat and pick up her pups. They sometimes accompany her to work (mostly on the days that she is not in the showroom, like today).

Checking on Dogs

2:30 – 4:00 – Design presentation at Urban Source. The client is happy with the designs, which is always a rewarding feeling! Now she is able to move forward with her plans for the project.

Prepping a Presentation

4:30 – 5:30 – Time to catch up on emails and phone calls, etc

5:30 – 6:30 – Jenny preps for an art installation tomorrow morning for another commercial project. They ordered loads of artwork for the common areas so she needs to review how everything will be laid out.

Reviewing Artwork

6:45 – She’s ready to leave work! Luckily her commute is short. Jenny says she loves living and working locally because it makes her feel totally immersed in the design community here in Chicago.

7:00 – Her husband has dinner waiting for her by the time she gets home and they spend the next hour eating, talking, and winding down from their busy days.

8:00 – In the evenings, Jenny loves spending time working on her hobbies, like sewing and crafting. Tonight, she also fits in a Skype call to her family in Australia.

11:00 – She gets ready for bed for a good night’s sleep before she starts all over again tomorrow morning! Lights out…