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Sections and Surfaces

In the front of our showroom we have two separate spaces that are constantly changing.

Greeting all our clients that come through our door is the "What's New, What's Now" Section. This is where we feature new products. Everything that we carry in the showroom we have carefully curated to bring you only the most interesting and on trend patterns and products.

Right now in our what's new section: We have an arrangement of new drapery and sheer fabrics, two handcrafted Matilda bags, and an assortment of patterned pillows.


The other section is our pinable surface. This is where we like to display larger drops of wallpaper and play with schemes. It is also where we post sales items or our featured favorites. The best part about this area..it's interactive! We encourage our clients to use this space too. We want you to experiment with putting (or should I say: pinning) together ideas. Make a scheme of your own and see it up on the wall.


Right now on our pinable surface: We have a large drop of Aronel wallpaper and a corresponding scheme of drapery and upholstery fabrics. Standing the floor is our latest upholstery project! It is an armchair inspired by menswear prints.


But who knows what will be up next week? We always have something in the works! You will have to come in our showroom and check it out!