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Product Spotlight: Elitis Wall Coverings

Often, the books in the Urban Source showroom get overlooked. To be fair, we know that our walls full of wallpaper is a pattern lover’s wonderland. But let’s take a moment to discuss the Elitis Alliances book that sits on our back showroom table. We don’t want you to miss out, because opening the cover of this book is like peaking into a treasure chest!

Urban Source Showroom Table

Here is where you can find the Alliance book in our showroom (Aka: a photographic treasure map)


The Alliances collection is something truly special. The French studio, Elitis, is taking wall coverings to the next level. The company describes it as “An exquisite collection of the most technically and design led, innovative wall coverings around today”

Bontanica Wall Covering

(Bontanica RM 746 82)


Part of the collection features a technique that creates a 3D optical effect. These patterns appear as silhouettes. This is sure to give any room a sophistication that can only come from a wall covering that transcends the wall.

Elitis wall covering Vases RM 738 02

(Vases RM 738 02)

Installation of Elitis wall covering Vases RM 738 02

(Vases RM 738 02)

Vases RM 738 49

(Vases RM 738 49)


The wall covering is actually constructed as a multi dimensional surface.  A durable padding is added between the outer layers of the wall covering to make the pattern, literally, stand out. You can see the inner layers from our showroom samples.


Inside the Vases Pattern Wall Covering

(Inside Vases Wall Covering)

Another amazing product in this collection is the silk fabric wall coverings. The texture actually consists of thousands of fabric pleats to create a rippled effect. The result is mesmerizing.

Elitis wall covering Joyau RM 723 65

(Joyau RM 723 65)

Detail of Elitis wall covering Joyau RM 723 65

(Detail of Joyau RM 723 65)

Joyau RM 723 20

(Joyau RM 723 20)

Pictures hardly do this wall covering justice. You really have to come into our showroom, to not only see this pattern, but to feel it!


Joyau Colors in Urban Source Showroom

(Joyau Colors in Urban Source Showroom)


Joyau RM 723 55

(Close up of Joyau RM 723 55)


Joyau RM 723 75

(Close up of Joyau RM 723 75)


Close up of Joyau RM 723 75


Let us know what you think!