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Playing with Pillows

We love pillows!

Playing with pillows is always a great way to enhance the design of your space.

Lets talk about why…

1.Okay, we will start with an easy one… Pillows are fun!!  These little squares actually pack a lot of punch! It’s a great way to add pattern to a space without a huge commitment.







2. Pillows can act as “bridge pieces” to pull together multiple design elements with pattern, texture, and color. Or if you prefer to keep the larger elements neutral, then you can use pillows to mix patterns and add dimension.





3. Besides using multiple pillows, you can mix patterns by using one fabric for the front and a different fabric for the back!








4. Customizing your pillows doesn’t stop there. You can also add extra detailing with fun extras like fringe and trim. 

Or- design your own patterns using multiple fabrics to make a patch work effect.







5. Pillows show off fabrics in their own special way! Fabrics with large repeating patterns have a different feel when constructed as pillows. When the large pattern is isolated, the design acts more as a motif than a repeat pattern. If there is a section of a design that you really love, you can show it off by using that section on the pillow.



6. Pillows have many options that can change the feel. Check out how these pillows read differently from one another- just by changing the color of the pattern, where the pattern is placed on the pillow, and the shape of pillow..   



These photos feature custom pillows from the Urban Source team, as well as products from our indie studios: Eskayel, Makelike, and Aronel. Come on in to the showroom and lets have some pillow talk!