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We love sheers

Here at Urban Source, we love helping our clients customize the perfect window treatments for their space. One of our favorite options is a sheer textile. Sheers are modern, sophisticated, and fresh. Whether you are looking for drapes or shades, plain or patterned-...

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The Urban Source Update!

We've been busy!! The last few months have been full of festivals, events, and beautiful design projects! We've had new additions to our showroom and helped our clients add new patterns to their homes. First up was our participation in Chairs for Charity. Chicago Home...

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We have very exciting news here at Urban Source. We are introducing a new indie studio- Prillamena! Prillamena is a studio close to our hearts because it was founded by one of Urban Source’s own, April Noga. After being a staple in our showroom for years and running...

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Warhol Wallpaper

Wallpaper and fabric designers always have one foot in the design world and the other in the art world. Taking cues from fine art keeps repeat patterns fresh and thrilling. This is why when we got word of the new collaboration between Flavor Paper and The Andy Warhol...

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Meet Studio Printworks!

Meet the newest member of our Indie studio family: Studio Printworks. Studio Printworks embodies everything we love about independent studios. From their handmade products to their range of unique designs, it’s not hard to figure out why we are so excited to carry...

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Meet Home Fashion Fabrics!

Meet Josi Severson of Home Fashion Fabrics! For anyone who has ever wondered why kids get to have all the fun when it comes to colorful textiles—Josi Severson of Home Fashion Fabrics has the answer. With her fresh geometric prints in bold, bright colors, she offers a...

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Inspiration Boards

Being a designer is not just about the end result. It is also about the journey of creating along the way. So much life, energy, and passion exists in the studio. We wanted to take a minute to celebrate their creativity by sharing some inspiration boards! We asked...

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Meet Flavor Paper

Meet Flavor Paper! And the man behind the studio: Jon Sherman! We have been excited to work closely with Jon Sherman, owner and creative director of Flavor Paper, throughout IndieCon and interviewing him for our blog. When it comes to the world of wallpaper, Flavor...

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Pattern Trend: People on Paper

Pattern Trend: People on Wallpaper! From scribbled faces to illustrated characters and Victorian women to downhill skiers- this is one fun trend. Take a look at these picks for some of the most exciting patterns involving people.. Barcelona based wallpaper studio Tres...

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Budgeting Wallpaper

So.. You ‘ve fallen in love with a wallpaper that is triple your budget.. Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there, trust me. The wallpaper texture that is hand manipulated by traditional craftsman in Nepal using wooden sticks, the wallpaper that is covered in...

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Meet Jill Malek!

The more we work with our independent studios, the more we love getting to know them. And from all the feedback we have gotten from our “Meet” posts, we know you do too! This time we are bring you a backstage pass into the Jill Malek brand. I am thrilled to share our...

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