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Mix it up! (Reupholstery Transformations)

Recovering an old piece of furniture is always a welcomed update.

But by taking a few extra steps in the design process you can really transform ordinary furniture into statement pieces.

Mixing patterns, coordinating pillows and cushions, painting the wood, and adding decorative studs and trim are all ways to customize for high style.

Check out these pieces that we completely transformed:

Before: Completely traditional...


After: This chair has a whole new personality! We painted the wood a sleek black, mixed prints and textures, and finished the look with updating the decorative studs.

The refinished chair from the back. This is a good example of how to add unexpected color and excitement.



Before: An unremarkable, muted piece...



 After: Pictured in our work room. The wood has been refinished to an antiqued silverleaf finish which compliments the lusciously textured fabric. And we finished off the piece with a pop of pattern in the velvet pillows.


Before: We started with an average, store-bought piece. Neutral and forgettable...



 After: Memorable with a mix of three different fabrics! The two textures play off bold, colorful stripes. We also changed the double cushion to a single cushion.


The possibilities are endless. Here are some other fun, refreshed pieces:








We love creating one-of-a-kind pieces for our clients. If you have a piece that needs a makeover, make a trip to our showroom where the designing begins!