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Meet Victoria Larson Textiles!

Lets meet another independent studio!

This time we talked with Victoria Larson of Victoria Larson Textiles to get to know more about her line and who she is as a designer.

Fresh textures and graphic prints; Victoria’s patterns keep interiors bright. From watercolor paintings and block prints, Victoria creates a vibrant world where patterns prevail. 

To celebrate the last months of summer, we are featuring Victoria Larson Textiles as the studio of the Month for August. All of her fabrics will be 15% off all month long.

These fabrics are full of east coast flare. Summer homes, beach houses, and breezy interiors; we are excited to wrap up the season with Victoria Larson.

In addition to our sale, I interviewed Victoria to learn more about the inspiration behind her work..

Urban Source: Tell us about your background and what lead you into the design field?

Victoria Larson: Absolute passion! There’s no other explanation for the pull I felt towards design.

I originally wanted to be a painter. My family convinced me that I would starve so I opted for Business School and kept painting as a hobby. I got to travel and had some great experiences but always felt that something was missing. I quit my marketing job, joined a design firm and put myself through a graduate program at night. I’ve never looked back.


US: Describe your design process.

Victoria Larson: All of my designs start on paper – a doodle, a watercolor sketch – then as I refine the design I may carve a block and try some prints. It all gets scanned into the computer where I re-draw the design, play with colors and prepare a tile for printing at the mill.



US: Can you talk about the hand rendered aspects of your design process, such as the block printing and watercolors?

Victoria Larson: That's actually one of the best parts of the process and one I wish I had more time for. Painting is pure enjoyment for me. I can lose myself for hours. As the water moves the paint across the page you get happy little accidents like a shape you didn’t plan or a wonderful color.


Carving the blocks is sort of the same. The process of sitting and carving is really relaxing and Mesmerizing. And then you get to see immediately if your concept works on paper or fabric. I wasn’t blessed with a lot of patience, so the immediate reward of block printing is great for me.

US: What is a typical work day like for you?

Victoria Larson: First... Lots of coffee! Then emails and admin stuff and then it depends. Reviewing samples from my mills, coordinating fabric shipments to clients and the sample house, getting product ready for photography, putting out fires.  And if I’m really lucky I actually get to design! When inspiration hits I can’t focus on anything but getting that design drawn and perfected.

US: Coffee! A woman after our own hearts! Another thing we have in common is that we both care about is the "Made in the USA" movement. Can you say more about your feelings on this and how your products reflect your beliefs? 

Victoria Larson: I love the “made in the US” movement and I can only say it’s about time! It has been sad to see a lot of traditional craft leave the USA for cheaper methods and materials overseas. I really think that the tide is turning and that people here are returning to an appreciation of artisans and well-crafted things. I would rather have a few really nice, well-made things than a lot of cheap stuff.

I wish we put more emphasis on the trades. There is an amazing pool of talent here that needs to be supported.

US: Do you see being an independent designer as a lifestyle?

Victoria Larson: It is a lifestyle. Being an independent designer is terrifying because you don’t have the resources of a big design house behind you. But the flip side is that you have the freedom to really create around your passion, not based on someone else’s formula.


US: You seem to be greatly influenced by location and travel. Can you talk more about this?

Victoria Larson: I count myself lucky to have travelled a lot. I enjoy immersing myself in other cultures – not just seeing the sites. I always found I was drawn to the architecture and the landscapes and the colors of the place. I think if you can step back and just be present you can really absorb the details of what’s around you, and sometimes that’s easier to do if you are away from the routine of home.

US: What is something you would like clients to know about your product?

Victoria Larson: I'm shifting more designs to the hand screen-printed process. I feel like it makes the fabric more flexible in terms of end use and I really like the process.

US: In addition to focusing on screen-printing, what does the future hold for you?

Victoria Larson: That's the most exciting part – who knows?!

I do have some collaborations coming up and some exciting announcements. I’ve got a head full of product ideas but I’m trying to concentrate on just the textiles for now.


We are so glad to be able to talk with Victoria and share in her studio process!

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