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Inspiration Boards

Being a designer is not just about the end result. It is also about the journey of creating along the way.


So much life, energy, and passion exists in the studio. We wanted to take a minute to celebrate their creativity by sharing some inspiration boards! We asked some of our favorite indie studios to share images of arrangements they put together during their design process…

-This is an inspiration board from Jill Malek.  Jill always puts together amazing arrangements. Meant for general inspiration, you can find so many bits and pieces of Jill’s design world within this collage!


 -Here is another general inspiration board from Kimberley Lewis of Kimberly Lewis Home. The fun, fresh vibe here mimics her joyful wallpaper prints!  


 -Dupenny is infamous for their flirty, slightly scandalous papers. Here is a behind the scenes look at the design inspirations for their new release Strongman wallpaper!


 (And here is the finished product..!)



 -Next we have a board sent to us by the studio Eskayel. They are working on designing the interior of an upscale hotel, wallpapered with their designs.


-Signature Prints sent us a different kind of collage. Here are a couple examples of finished designs being put together as inspiration for mixing patterns and designing color palettes! 


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