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Green Summer

Summer is here.  Let’s celebrate the blossoming greenery by thinking green!
Urban Source is ushering in the Summer season with a new window display featuring some our favorite environmentally conscious products from our indie studios. Come check it out!

More and more designers have been making smart choices about the production of their patterns. For us, it is really exciting to see how each studio finds creative avenues for going green.  By presenting these products, we want to give examples of the wide range of ways to stay green and the many different styles to choose from. 

Natural Fiber Content. Paying attention to the materials your product is made of is one of the best ways to stay conscious about the environment.  Textiles to look for that fall under this category have a minimum of 30% animal or plant fibers. These are things like cotton, linen, wool, or silk. The reason these material are best for the environment is because they are rapidly renewable. This means that after the materials are harvested, they naturally restore themselves, so the materials never actually become depleted.

A great product that has high natural fiber content is grass cloth. Even the name is a good indicator. Grass cloth is a wallpaper product that has a natural fiber weave to create texture. Often these papers are made with arrowroot, which is sometimes combined with bamboo. Other common fibers include sea grass, sisal, hemp and rush. Here in the showroom, we carry an assortment of grasscloths ranging from refined and intricately woven to coarse and  heavy textures.

Our new Indie studio John Mahoney offers a fresh take on grass clothes that include a pattern screen printed over the weave.



Reduced Environmental Impact- Another way to go green is by staying conscious of the production process of your materials. The way products are manufactured has a huge impact on the environment. Many of our indie studios hand silkscreen their designs. Staying away from heavy machinery eliminates high exhaustion rates. In the same way, most of these studios are using water based inks which reduces the amount of chemicals being introduced into our ecosystem.

Kimberly Lewis products are a bright and cheerful way to enjoy the safe printing method. All of her products are printed with environmentally friendly, water-based inks on clay-coated paper.

Ten14 is another indie studio that prides themselves on a safe and clean production process. Along with all the textiles being organic, Ten14 textiles are printed in the USA using phthalate and plastic free inks. It is almost as if the inks themselves are aware of their green status because the colors on these textiles are brighter and fresher than ever!

Recycled content - We are all (hopefully) pretty familiar with the idea of recycling. In the interior design industry textiles that contain 30% or higher post consumer material is considered environmentally friendly. Textiles made from Terratex brand fibers are especially wonderful because those are fibers made from 100% post consumer or post industrial recycled polyester fibers.

Aronel is a heavy hitter in the Indie market for using recycled materials. Her wallcovering designs are printed on Terratex and her textiles incorporate the aesthetic of the recycled material into the designs. By letting the natural fibers remain visible it adds another layer of dimension to her graphic prints. If you are interested in Aronel, check out our last blog post, which features Aronel exclusively.

Eskayel is another studio who uses recycled materials. Her wallpapers are actually available in two different environmentally conscious substrates. The first option is a recycled type II contract wallcovering. Her latest development is using the PRIMA product, which is a vinyl free wallpaper. This option can also be used in both residential and commercial applications. The elimination of the vinyl material cuts back on the amount of chemicals emitted into the environment. Nothing is lost in translation. The Eskayel line is a chic and elegant as ever.


Not only have we been focusing on the green movement in our showroom but Urban Source has also been featured in TCW's (Todays Chicago Women Magazine) June issue for being an environmentally conscious company. Check out the feature entitled Sustainable Summer

Don't forget if you would like a quick and easy way to view our sustainable options check out our green guide. You can find that here

Stop by our showroom and any one of our designers will be more than happy to point you in the right direction to the many green products that we carry.