Meet Josi Severson of Home Fashion Fabrics!

Meet Josi Severson

For anyone who has ever wondered why kids get to have all the fun when it comes to colorful textiles—Josi Severson of Home Fashion Fabrics has the answer.

With her fresh geometric prints in bold, bright colors, she offers a line of textiles that everyone can enjoy.

While Josi stays busy with freelance design for companies such as: Crate & Barrel, Premier Prints, and Wigwam Socks, She also manages to run an independent textile design studio and a corresponding retail space in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

retail space in Minneapolis

We love Josi’s products because her products are printed in the USA using water-based inks. Therefore, she is benefiting America and our environment. Incase that isn’t enough, all of her designs are drawn by hand, which helps contribute to the artisan design movement. With all these amazing attributes, we just had to ask Josi for an interview.

Josi Fabric Choices


If you haven’t already seen HFF patterns, you are in for a treat:

Catch the interview here:

Urban Source: Tell us about your background and what lead you into the design field?

Josi Severson: I originally wanted to be a fashion designer. I went to school for fashion design in San Francisco where I also learned about the process of designing textiles. Originally I was inspired by the influence that music had on fashion; they intersect in so many ways.

US: Describe your design process.

Josi Severson: It’s very basic; I start with a plain sheet of paper and use pens and paint mainly. It evolves from the desire to create order and mystery within the shapes. If I’m working with a client, I will keep their inspiration and direction in mind and ultimately blend it together with my own style.

US: Being a new design studio, what is the most exciting part for you?

Josi Severson: Working with designers, anyone from larger companies like C&B to people I meet on Etsy that tell me about a cool new project they’re doing with my fabrics that I never would have thought of before. The entire purpose is to create a medium for people to work with.

US: What do you find most rewarding about running your own line?

Josi Severson: The ability to experiment and put together collections; there is freedom in that but also pressure because of professional obligations. Both have to stay in check. I appreciate collaborations because it allows me to contribute to someone else’s vision of what they feel their product should be and allows me to see my work in a whole new way.

Inside Josi's Store

Inside Josi’s store, featuring pillows made with her fabric

US: You have bright, vibrant colorways, can you talk about how you pick colors?

Josi Severson: I do pay attention to what’s going on each season but I’m drawn to palettes that are a little daring. In the fall I do more neutrals too because it’s important to pay attention to what your customer wants. Neutrals can be easier to work with- not everyone can use bright green but I try to encourage people to try what they’re drawn to even if they’re not used to working with it.

US: You design lots of geometric inspired patterns, can you talk about that?

Josi Severson: I’ve always enjoyed symmetry and creating formulas. Some people are surprised to hear that I’m not the cleanest person but I think it’s because I find my focus and organization in my design work.

US: What is a typical work day like for you?

Josi Severson: Checking emails, making sure projects are moving forward in their respective ways, finding new people to work with, sending samples and orders, paperwork, and walking my dog. I do artwork at night mainly.

US: You also own a shop in addition to being an independent studio, how do these two endeavors intersect? Do you see it as a lifestyle more than a job?

Josi Severson: A store allows me to find other vendors that share my colorful aesthetic but are unique in other ways. I don’t have much separation between my work and my life because designing is what I’ve always done no matter what else I was doing in my life.

Josi Storefront

Josi’s store front

Inside Josi's Store

Inside Josi’s store

US: What is something you would like clients to know about your product?

Josi Severson: All of my fabrics are printed in limited runs in the USA using an eco friendly printing process on organic and conventional cotton. Since they’re printed in relatively smaller quantities you aren’t going to run into them as much as you would with some other prints that are released in higher quantities.

US: What does the future hold for you?

Josi Severson: I’m possibly producing a line exclusive to the trade that will be printed on demand. There are other home and fashion items in development too. As mentioned, I love working with a range of customers in a variety of areas; if you have anything in mind please feel free to reach me…I’m always open to exploring new ideas!

Josi Dog

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