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The Best of Cut Velvets

We love cut velvets for their ability to add richness and warmth to the space they inhabit. Velvets are a classic textile that have been loved throughout history. But this textile also has a surprising ability to be transformed to stay up to date with current design trends.

We’ve decided to feature our favorite cut velvets textures of the season.


Eglomise” - This textile is multidimensional at its best; an abstract landscape of soft velvet sits atop a tightly woven metallic base.


Jackson” - This pattern is full of big, bold strokes and is available in several different punchy colors. It is the perfect print to make a statement. 


Vali” – This geometric pattern is simple and fresh. The shapes of the pattern have a mid century modern feel but the colorways keep it contemporary and perfect for any space.


"Rant" - If you are looking for a simular pattern as Vali but with a bit more glamor, try our Rant pattern. The bigger and more abstract cut outs are infused with a metallic texture. The colorways pair the opulance of the metallic threads https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ with fresh colors such as a bold navy, bright fushia, and seafoam green.  




Arezzo” -  This cut velvet is truly unique. The print is reminiscent of a watercolor painting. Bringing the fluid movement of the blending colors to a cut velvet textile makes a fresh, cool design that we just can't get enough of.


In our showroom, we also have a large variety of solid cut velvet textiles. There is nothing more sophisticated than a room with added touches of velvet. At Urban Source, we curate our selection to ensure you will find the highest quality of fabrics in cool, modern colors and patterns.

Not only do we have hundreds of patterns out on hangers to browse through, we also keep fabric books of solid textures on hand. Our designers are always available to pull options from our inventory or to order special samples of what you are looking for. Come in and talk with one of our designers today!